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Two special education teachers and a parent saw a need in the community for a wide variety of services for children with autism spectrum disorder and formed the Learning Spectrum in 2005. The overall vision of The Learning Spectrum is to provide families with services designed to meet the individualized needs of children with autism and related services in and out of the school setting. It has grown immensely over the last 10 years, and now serves kids in four different locations, as well as private schools throughout the city. The Learning Spectrum provides OT, Speech therapy, music therapy, 1:1-Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), support groups, and educational services to over 200 students with autism spectrum disorder.

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Autism Programs & Therapies | The Learning Spectrum


TLS provides naturalistic programming for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities based on the premise that behavioral intervention and immersion in the natural environment are the keys to establishing learning behaviors in students. Some children demonstrate a need for a lot of structure and smaller ratios, while some are able to thrive in a larger group with their peers. Whatever the need, we individualize the program to the most naturalistic setting the child can be the most successful!


TLS stresses work in the areas of core need found in individuals on the spectrum including: self-management, language and learning, and most especially social skills.


TLS bases programs on each child’s unique needs. The goal of The Learning Spectrum is to help all children reach his or their own full potential through a personal program using an ABA approach combined with therapies and education.

What The Professionals Say

The Learning Spectrum provides exceptional customized educational services tailored to the needs of each individual student. When working with individuals living with autism, practitioners need to think outside-of-the box—through their creativity and innovation, providers at The Learning Spectrum have this mastered! Instead of adhering blindly to cookie cutter approaches of what “works for autism,” TLS figures out what each individual needs, and then does it. The environment is very natural and each student feels like s/he belongs to a community.

Dr. Audrey Todd, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified RDI Consultant
Chief Executive Officer, Food for Good Thought, Inc.

Autism Programs & Therapies | The Learning Spectrum
Autism Programs & Therapies | The Learning Spectrum
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