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March 14th-May 30th (10 Weeks)   The Learning Spectrum will be offering this set of Saturday Social Skills classes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disabilities in their new location, 125 Dillmont Rd. Columbus, Oh 43235.

Class offerings:

Young Preschool Social Skills 9:15-10:30

This social skills class is designed to help teach the basic social skills needed to successfully participate in social situations with peers. We will learn about emotions and feelings through a program called “The Letter Friends”, a curriculum designed to develop awareness of emotions through systematic, structured teaching using the alphabet.  We will learn to navigate the social world through participating in activities that target areas such as developing self-esteem, understanding and recognizing emotions/feelings, imitating feelings through practiced and repetitive motor activities, and learn self-regulation skills to help manage behavior. Children will participate in playtime, circle time/music, sensory art exploration and fine motor activities, all based on the around 2-3 Letter Friends per week. Daily sheets will be sent home to parents along with a copy of the Letter Friends so that students can practice at home.


Movement and Music 9:30-10:30

Class designed to encourage healthy bodies and brain development through participation in physical activity and movement and dance. We will be engaging in yoga for kids, music and finger plays, beginner gymnastics, obstacle courses, organized games, and introduce some simple Brain Gym activities, all based around a weekly theme. Structured teaching and visual supports are used to help children who have difficulty sequencing motor movements and following multiple step directions. Join this class ready to move your body alongside your friends!


Literature and Art    10:30-11:30    

This class will introduce popular children’s literature in a structured setting, and combine sensory art activities designed to engage and stimulate your children’s senses. We will begin each class with a structured circle time and introduce a children’s author by reading 1-2 books. We will then use carefully designed visual supports to help children learn how to appropriately engage in multiple step art activities and projects, which helps to develop sequencing and comprehension skills in young children. Children will remain engaged with activities based around the weekly theme throughout the hour, ending with participation in a predictable clean up schedule and a goodbye routine.


Older Pre-K/K Social Skills 

This social skills class is designed to help teach the social skills needed to successfully participate in small and large group social situations, with a focus on peer play and interactions. We will become Pirates as we navigate the social world through participating in ten crusades that target areas such as social cognition, self-esteem and self-awareness, understanding and recognizing emotions, feelings and thinking patterns, recognizing diversity, problem solving and self-regulation. Children earn gold coins for appropriate social behavior and overall group participation skills are encouraged through activities such as circle time activities, art, game play, video modeling and sensory exploration with peers.



School-Age High Interest Groups

The Learning Spectrum is excited to introduce a new program for school age kids based on enrolled students’ high interests. We have found that by tailoring learning to our kids focused interests; we are better able to teach difficult subjects such as social skill development. During the first class, we will meet to discover individual student interests, and then subsequent classes will be designed around those interests. Each child will have the opportunity to have a class lesson plan designed around their specific topic of interest, and the child will have input as to the activities on that day. We will continue to work on subjects related to social skill development and use peer modeling, video modeling, and structured teaching to help facilitate learning.


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Child’s name_______________________________ Age _________________________


Child’s name_______________________________Age__________________________


Deposit/Refund Policy:  A $25.00 deposit is required for new students to hold your spot in a class and will be applied to the total cost of the class.  Your deposit is non-refundable should you choose to cancel the class. 


Behavior Policy:  In order to ensure all groups provide a safe and effective learning environment, we ask that participant’s behavior be manageable in a group setting.  The Learning Spectrum reserves the right to discuss with parents the need for an individual aid for any child who is exhibiting behavior that takes away from the learning experience.  If an individual aid is required, parents will be asked to pay an additional fee to cover the cost, or provide their own aid. 


Late pick-up Policy:  A fee of $5.00 will be assessed for pick-up later than 10 minutes past groups end time, and $1.00 will be added every minute following.

 All staff CPR/1st Aide certified. All supervisory staff is additionally
 trained and certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention.



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